ProAll Equipment Refurbishing      SERVICES

At ProAll Equipment Refurbishing, we are committed to providing you with premium customer service, superior project quality and quick turn-around times when refurbishing your personal or company trucks, trailers and construction equipment. Boasting a  60-foot paint booth, 12 full-size bays and knowledgeable techs, the ProAll Equipment Refurbishing is equipped to handle any project your business needs completed.

ProAll Reimer Volumetric Mixer Parts

We offer parts for the full lineup of ProAll Reimer Mixers and are proud to provide customer service in both English and Spanish.

Truck, Trailer & Equipment Refurbishing

We excel in restoring, repairing and detailing all truck, trailer and equipment components.

Truck, Trailer & Equipment
Parts & Accessories

We are proud to offer a robust stock of parts from many different brands of equipment – including volumetric mixers manufactured by our competitors. If you can’t find what you need, give us a call!


Truck Paint & Body

Have you or your company recently purchased a fleet of equipment that needs to be rebranded to your current colors and logos? We specialize in custom paint options guaranteed to bring your business front and center. 


We offer sandblasting services on anything from newly-manufactured work to stripping old paint or concrete off your equipment. Sandblasting establishes a smooth, even profile to ensure that the primer and paint adhere to the original metal. This increases the longevity of your paint and provides a nicer finish.

Industrial Paint

In partnership with PPG Industrial Paints, we offer precise colour-matching services that guarantee color quality and consistency on every project. We are proud to be amonth the few companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that offer these systems in-house, thereby reducing the wait-times and costs associated with outsourcing.

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