Repair and upkeep are two of the most essential elements of fleet maintenance. Whether you are planning to venture into a fleet business or have been managing one for years, repairs are inevitable. This is why it is best to partner with a truck repair shop as you can get them repaired at your own time and convenience.

But have you ever wondered what steps are involved in a truck body repair process? If yes, we have an answer. Check out the points given below.

What Does a Truck Body Repair Include?

Professionals offering heavy-duty truck repair and refurbishment follow a predefined process. While some companies prefer keeping the repair process to themselves, others don’t mind sharing it. ProAll USA Equipment Refurbishing, for instance, follows steps like:

1. Kickstart Service

When you hire us for a truck or construction equipment painting repair service, we will give you a brief of the repair process. From helping you with vehicle drop off to providing you with a tow truck service for truck transportation, we provide you with any assistance you need.

2. Examine all the Damages

As soon as your truck comes to our repair shop, we inspect it thoroughly to examine the damages. Once we have a list of all damages, we create an estimate along with the names of the parts that require replacement and send it to you. We then fix an appointment with you to drop off your truck.

In case your truck turns out unsafe for driving, we recommend leaving it to us and provide you with an alternative.

3. Prepare a Check-List

After evaluating and discussing the damages, our specialists will create a checklist for your truck. In this step, we disassemble the entire damaged area to check for additional damages or repairs. As soon as we spot any hidden damage(s), we add those to the initial estimate and share the same with you.

Note: Hidden damages are generally related to the inner structure and suspension of the truck.

4. Discuss Insurance

We ask our clients if their truck repair cost will be covered by an insurance company or not. If they reply yes, we arrange a direct call with the agency. Our team also sends them photographs of the damages to obtain their approval. When the company approves, we immediately locate and order the essential parts for repair.

5. Make Structural Repairs

As soon as the parts for repair arrive, we perform necessary structural repairs in order to return the vehicle to its original specification. Our team uses a great measuring system to make sure the repairs match the specifications of the manufacturer.

6. Truck Transformation

This repair process involves rebuilding the truck. Our professionals replace the exterior panels and finishing to make it look as good as new. After making replacements, we also test the overall fitting and alignment of the panels.

7. Paint Preparation

Paint plays a major role in truck body repair. Refurbishing specialists make a plan that involves the panel preparation as well as paint type and colour selection that conform to the original manufacturer’s specifications. With us, you can expect a paint performance warranty.

8. Reassembling

After repairing damages, replacing the required parts, and completing the paint, we reassemble your truck. This includes everything from small parts, hardware, and perform an inspection.

9. Deliver

Our experts deliver each truck only after inspecting all the repairs. We clean it properly and test its systems so our clients can rest assured that their truck is restored to its original condition.

Call our Specialists

Do you have a truck that requires full body repair? Get in touch with ProAll’s specialists. We would love to assess your truck and provide you with an estimate for it. You can give us a call at  (817) 741-3361  or send us an inquiry by filling out our contact form.