Considering switching over to a brand new rig? Does the heavy equipment you’re currently using look just about ready to break down? Your work vehicle(s) may have been through the ringer on a regular basis for a long time and appear as if they have worked past their useful life.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace them just yet. So, how do you decide it’s time to buy a brand new work truck, or to invest in some truck and trailer refurbishing instead? This post highlights a few things to consider before you make your choice. 

What Truck Trailer Refurbishing Services Offer

The majority of truck and trailer refurbishing companies include the following in their services:

  • Undercoating
  • Hydraulic fixing
  • Repainting
  • Heavy equipment repair services
  • Preventative upkeep
  • Hardware changing

Factors to Help You Decide if You Need Heavy Equipment Refurbishing

Take a look at the following factors before you make a decision regarding your work truck:

How Long it May Take

When business owners add a new piece of equipment or truck to your fleet, it generally takes far less time to complete the transition from the old truck to the new one – which is good if you are pressed for time and need to remain on the job.

However, refurbishing can take anywhere between a few days to several weeks based on how complicated the task is and how many parts need to be refurbished. Speaking from a general perspective, this can spell trouble for business owners, many of whom can’t afford to keep their trucks out of commission for too long. Therefore, it is advisable to request for a dependable timeline for the refurbishing to complete – this will help you estimate and plan for the downtime to fall in a time when business is slower than usual and your work won’t be affected as much.

How Expensive it will be

Cost is one of the biggest factors to help you decide whether to hire truck and trailer refurbishing or to buy a new truck altogether. Refurbishing is the common choice for trucks that have been fitted with a lot of customized equipment or came with a steep price tag, such as heavy-duty service or mechanics trucks, utility as well as lube and dump trucks.

If you wish to make an accurate estimate of the expenses and evaluate the difference between refurbishing and swapping old with new, it is essential to be aware of the expenditure and expected life in years of the equipment.

Repair Or Refurbishment Partner

Deciding who to go with for refurbishing and/or heavy equipment repair services may be easier than you think. The options for reputable refurbishment services may be surprisingly few as opposed to truck body and equipment installation services.

That’s because refurbishment needs to be completed properly by experienced and skilled professionals with an eye for detail when it comes to fitting hydraulic equipment including hoists and cranes. So, make sure the refurbishment partner you’re selecting has the expertise to accomplish the task by requesting client references or asking about previous refurbishing jobs they have completed.

At ProAll Equipment Refurbishing, we are proud to provide a premium level of service to every client that walks through our door and leverage the expertise to ensure that every single job is completed properly. If you are interested in bringing your aging equipment back to its former glory, please give us a call!