Heavy equipment repair is inevitable. While we are all aware of obvious signs (like the dashboard warning light), it’s the lesser-known signs that we tend to overlook.

What are these signs? Can spotting them early on help you save costs? We have cover some of the most important indicators of your equipment’s health in the blog below.

Dirty or Discolored Exhaust

Regardless of your role within the company, it is important that you do not ignore exhaust problems. These issues can put your team’s health at risk.

As soon as you spot a thick or discolored exhaust, call a professional heavy equipment repair service. Other signs related to the exhaust include clogged air filter, foul smell, and ventilation issues.

Low Fluid Levels

IRegardless of what type of equipment you run, keeping an eye on fluid levels is important. Regular lubrication helps prevent unnecessary equipment damage or slow down. It also extends equipment life and keeps it in a good condition for years to come.

The moment you notice low fluid levels, check for leaks such as hydraulic oils and coolant. Low fluid levels may also be caused by damaged or blocked valves.

If all of this seems confusing, reach out to experts. They will determine the main cause of the problem and resolve it in no time.

Unusual Sounds

It’s common for equipment to make noise during operation, but if the sound is unfamiliar or unusually loud it could be an indication that something on your machine is failing.

Moreover, it can be hard for untrained staff to notice the difference between normally functioning equipment and an overworked or damaged one by the noises they make. Businesses are advised to employ someone who has experience evaluating machine health until the rest of the team is capable of identifying malfunction.

This not only saves the company from potential losses but also keeps the workers safe.

Here are the different types of sounds they need to be careful about:

  • Clacking – Equipment make this sound when there is trouble in its combustion system, brake, or hydraulic
  • Grinding – Improper alignment of the pump or valve usually makes a grinding noise.
  • Hissing – Poor vacuum or cooling leads to annoying hissing sounds.

Some equipment also causes vibrations to indicate there is something wrong. If you notice it, don’t let it slide.

For more information on the same, talk to one of our heavy equipment and heavy duty trailer repair specialists today!

How to Prevent Heavy Equipment Damage

We won’t suggest anything you haven’t heard before. Just stay regular with those equipment checkups and you’ll never face a problem. Even if there is a problem, the repair experts will fix it before it becomes bigger.

You can also take some preventive measures and check:

  • Hoses and equipment belts
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Air filters
  • Fluid levels

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