Sandblasting Services

Excellent Sandblasting Services for Commercial Trucks

Easy Removal of Rust, Old Paint, Dirt, and Dust


ProAll Equipment Refurbishing is a leading repair, refurbishment, and installation center for commercial trucks. We provide professional sandblasting services coupled with various other services such as truck body paint, custom repair and installation, and all kinds of parts and equipment replacement.

A commercial construction fleet typically comprises different types of vehicles and in due time they need proper upkeep. Some vehicles may require a complete makeover while some only need servicing on certain parts. So, no matter the type of heavy vehicle or the requirement, the trained professionals can sandblast and prepare them for fresh new paint.

Sandblasting requires skills and years of experience to achieve the perfect finish. Here at our premises, we have state-of-the-art sandblasting tools and gadgets along with qualified experts to operate them. Sandblasting is an essential step prior to paint. We carry out our tasks in a clean environment free from dust and dirt. Only with clean and smooth sandblasting, you can hope for excellent results.


What is Sandblasting?

It is a process through which all the imperfections, old paint, dirt, and dust is removed permanently. Modern sandblasting equipment is extremely efficient and can reach even inaccessible places, providing 360 degrees of coating. Sandblasting uses no chemicals, meaning it is safe for the environment and causes no harm.

When you bring your commercial truck for sandblasting services, our certified technicians will first thoroughly examine its current condition. They will then prepare an estimate and then deliver you the available options based on that.


Why Sandblasting Services?

  • Removes coatings and old paint effectively
  • Leaves no trace of dust or dirt
  • Builds a smooth and clean foundation for body paint
  • Completely remove stuck-up oil and contamination
  • Contains no toxic materials thus safe for the environment
  • Very effective and efficient


Your Trusted Place for Sandblasting Services and More…

ProAll Equipment Refurbishment is a complete repair and maintenance provider for all kinds of commercial vehicles. We provide solutions that are second to none. Here, you can find a wide range of custom parts and equipment for your trucks and heavy equipment. Rest assured – your vehicle will be taken care of by trained professionals.

Along with sandblasting, you can take advantage of other services we offer –

  • Custom volumetric Mixer Parts
  • Reliable truck, trailer, and heavy equipment refurbishing
  • Truck, trailer, and heavy equipment parts and accessories for different models
  • Body Paint for commercial trucks
  • Repair and installation for construction vehicles
Sandblasting Services
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