Complete Truck Refurbishment Service

We Make Commercial Trucks Look Good as New!


Here at ProAll Equipment Refurbishing, we strive to offer the best services to our clients. We strongly believe that our refurbishment services are second to none. Our equipment is of premium quality, carefully designed to fuel new life into your trucks. Refurbishing projects are diverse as each piece of equipment can take rigorous beatings every day at construction sites, leading to different types of damage. Since heavy machinery has to be in optimum condition to deliver the best results, equipment refurbishing is essential for any fleet to keep its performance intact for years to come.

Due to continuous wear and tear, the performance of various truck parts gets affected over time. Moreover, a truck’s paint loses its original shine after a period of time if not properly maintained. That’s where we come in!

ProAll offers unmatched equipment painting and refurbishment work for commercial trucks of all kinds. Our professionals are certified technicians who will perform stage-by-stage inspections and then apply all the services needed to make your truck look and work as good as new.


Our Equipment and Truck Refurbishment Services

As a complete truck and equipment refurbishing provider, we offer all the essential services including:

  • Complete truck tank refurbishing work
  • Truck trailer refurbishing
  • Installation and removal of parts and equipment
  • All kinds of repairing works
  • Chassis removal, installation, and repair
  • Custom body paint
  • Sandblasting services
  • Custom truck equipment and parts
  • Complete interior refurbishment


The Process

We believe in a simple yet effective approach when it comes to refurbishing work. No matter the condition of the truck or equipment, we can fix it. Whether it has minor or major performance issues, our technicians can provide the ideal customized solution. We have highly trained professionals who can bring your trucks back on the road in a short time.

Our truck and equipment refurbishing process includes –

  • A thorough inspection by trained professionals
  • Discussion with the client regarding the equipment painting and refurbishment work
  • Finalizing the list of services with the client
  • Our technicians begin working on your truck(s)
  • We make sure your vehicle and its parts work perfectly before you resume operations.


Custom Refurbishing Solutions

We understand that every vehicle in your fleet is a very important part of everyday work. Sometimes, your trucks need tuning for greater efficiency and performance. Luckily, ProAll offers custom refurbishing services for commercial vehicles of every make and model. We can improve your truck\equipment based on your needs and requirements with our robust engineering methods and solutions.


Truck & Equipment Refurbishing

Look at just a few of ProAll USA projects we have done, and if you have something you would like us to quote just give us a call and we will be glad to get right back with a quick response and quote.



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