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At ProAll Equipment Refurbishing, we make it our mission to keep your truck and equipment fleet operating at its most efficient with timely service, repair and upkeep. That’s because regular maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring excellent performance and prolonged life of your truck and all its parts. We render inspections for your service truck equipment and engine to help reduce the number of restorations and repairs required in the long run, saving you both money and inconvenience in the process.

When it comes to Reimer volumetric mixer parts, we do it all – from repairs to refurbishment. Our team is qualified to service all makes and models of these trucks and heavy equipment. In fact, we stand behind our equipment refurbishment services just as promptly and meticulously as we stand behind our coveted Reimer volumetric concrete mixer trucks. In other words, we won’t stop until our clients are satisfied.

We have several decades worth of expertise in handling the mechanics that have evolved with advancements in technology and equipment, such as hydraulic products and volumetric mixer parts. Our knowledgeable and amicable specialists, staff, and engineers are ready to assist you with any of your trucks and heavy machinery’s service and repair requirements.


Best Place for All Kinds of Truck Parts and Equipment

Here at ProAll, we strive to take care of the customers’ needs. We carry many lines of parts and accessories from these lines of products. If you don’t see it or can’t find it, give us a call.

We offer full-service reparation and individual as well as fleet maintenance and parts for diesel trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. Our vast range of truck parts and equipment includes the following:

  • Bearings
  • Pumps
  • Hoses & Fittings
  • Pneumatic Products
  • Hydraulic Products
  • Hydraulic Filtration
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Clamps
  • Industrial Vibrators


We have considerable experience in installing and personalizing an extensive range of truck bodies and equipment. Our facility is outfitted with vast storage areas, sturdy construction spaces, and all the Reimer volumetric mixer parts to make your truck your greatest ally. With our top-notch services, you will be able to successfully carry through the most challenging jobs with maximum safety, performance, and throughput.

Don’t just take our word for it, explore our range of parts, hydraulic products, and volumetric mixer parts today! We’ve got you covered in the concrete mixing and heavy equipment department. We specialize in selling, servicing, and refurbishing parts for trucks, trailers, and machinery.

Truck & Trailer Parts & Accessories:



Hoses & Fittings:

Pneumatic Products:

Hydraulic Products:

Hydraulic Filtration:

Heat Exchangers:


Industrial Vibrators:

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